Project Description
At TOP TECHNOLOGIES we are constantly researching awesome and thrilling topics and decided to share our knowledge with the community.

The best approach we can imagine to teach people something new is to allow them making mistakes. Also, if some sort of new technology or design principle helps developers in producing better results that are faster, cleaner, better maintainable, testable or even sexy (in regards to beautiful code), the most efficient way to understanding leads accross the experience of bad code (as weird as this may sound).

Our Virtual Lab documentations are based on best practices and experiences right from customer projects and reflect the need to first accept something wrong and then learn how to improve skills to get better.

The corresponding solution that you can download from this projects code repository will be continuously extended with more samples. Also you can ask us to provide specific Virtual Labs about topics you are interested in.

Challenge us!

(but be patient, we are mostly "on the road").

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